Rob Edge passed away in October, 2020. This website contains some of his music and writings.



These are some of the tools I use:

My computers run the GNU/Linux operating system.

My studio desktop machine runs Fedora with the planetCCRMA customizations from Stanford University.

My live computer instruments run Debian GNU/Linux on a Raspberry Pi.

I generally avoid any software that restricts it's users ability to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

EMACS is the one true editor.

Pure Data (pd) is a graphical programming language for real time DSP written by Miller S Puckette.

When I need to write low level code that runs in a fast and predictable manner I use the C programming language.

For dealing with higher level logic Haskell is the most beautiful programming language I have ever seen.

I engrave scores with Lilypond.

Csound is a computer music programming language descended from the Music-N family.

I've been using the Ardour digital audio workstation in one form or another since the 0.xx days.

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