Rob Edge passed away in October, 2020. This website contains some of his music and writings.

Lake Geneva

I'm Robert Edge. 

I play bass, draw dots on paper, and point microphones at stuff.

Welcome to my web site!


Book G is a large scale meta-composition exploring notions of abstract beauty, logic, flexible form, dynamic systems, the transcendent, improvisation, dance, language, aesthetic philosophy, and the idea that all of that just might be the same thing.   In more concrete terms it's a book of tunes and a set of technical essays explaining how they work, and what might be done with them.  I've been working on it for some time now.  Lake Geneva is the name I am using for the varied ensembles that perform this stuff.

A brief collection of clips from the practice space. 

Duo with Scott Faranello.

Solo keys/live electronics.